Household Move Price List

One Bedroom Labor
-Load+Unload $400-$800
-Packing $800-$1000

Two Bedroom Labor
-Load+Unload $750-1200
-Packing $1000-$1400

Three Bedroom Labor
-Load+Unload $1200-$1800
Packing $2000-$2800

Four Bedroom Labor
-Load+Unload $1800-$2500
-Packing $2500-$3200
Flat rate labor includes 3-4 movers (can increase)
Prices vary due to mileage, moving material, truck fee, stairs, long haul, elevators, un/install, un/mount and bulk items (i.e. Gun safe, Refrigerator, Trampoline)
Price list are starting prices for labor only. We go by number of bedrooms. If residents have garage or shed labor price may be increased.

Hourly Rate:
-Rate Without Truck: First hour $150 and $100/hour after the first. Include two movers and two hand trucks.
-Rate W/Truck: First three hours required $350 after the first three hours $100/hour after. Includes Truck, two movers and two hand trucks.
-Hourly rates do not include material or more than two helpers. Numbers of helpers may be increased upon request and subject to price increase.

Material Price List

2" x 55 yard
$3.00 each
$18.00 (6 count)
$80.00 (36 count)
Stretch Wrap
18 x 1500, 80 Gauge
$30 per roll
25lb Bundle, App 400 Sheets, 24x30
$30 per bundle
Paper Furniture Pad
60 x 72,25 sheet bundle
$70 per bundle
Quilt Furniture Pad
50 x 70
$5.00 each

PLUS 8.25% tax on final total


Starting at $50.00 Local, $150 Non-Local
Prices varies on number of items, bulk items, stairs, diss/reassemble, un/install, un/mount
No more than 1-2 Hours from Killeen, 1-5 Items
As far as Waco and Austin surrounding areas